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Brunswick & New Hanover County
Cumberland & Hoke County
Southern New Jersey
Palm Beach County, Florida

Watauga County

Professional Maid Cleaning Services

Residential Cleaning Checklist

All Rooms

  • Dust All Furniture
  • Swifter Knick Knacks
  • Cob Web
  • Vacuum/Sweep/Mop
  • Wipe Window Sills
  • Clean Wall Decor & KK
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Swifter Picture
  • Vacuum Sofa/Chairs/Steps


  • Clean/Empty Dishwasher
  • Clean Cabinets
  • Clean Microwave In/Out
  • Vaccum/Sweep
  • Clean & Shine Sinks/Faucets
  • Wipe Down All Appliances
  • Clean Countertops/Backsplash
  • Clean/Mop Floors
  • Clean Outside of Refrigerator
  • Clean Outside of Oven
  • Clean Furniture/Table
  • Clean Window Over Sink
  • Clean Window Sills
  • Empty All Trash
  • Wipe Wall Around Trash Cans
  • Clean Trash Cans


  • Scrub/Sanitize Tubs
  • Scrub Commodes
  • Clean Cabinets
  • Scrub Shower & Base
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Scrub Sinks
  • Clean Faucets
  • Vacuum/Sweep Floors
  • Wipe Down Counters
  • Clean Light Fixtures
  • Clean/Mop Floors

Additional Items

  • Cob Web Entire House High/Low
  • Clean All Window Sills
  • Clean Window Sills
  • Straighten all Bedspreads, Make Beds and Change Linens
  • Clean Sliding Glass Doors
  • Ceiling Fans, and Light Fixtures
  • Straighten House/ Pick Up Toys & Clothing
  • Close Drawers to Give A Neat Appearance
  • Fluff Pillows on Couch
  • Vacuum Sofa & Under Cushions
  • Polish All Furniture After Using Swifter
  • Swifter KK = Knick Knacks
  • Dust All Furniture Top/Bottom/Sides
  • Dust Vents and Returns
  • Dust Computers & Wires

We have a must scrub policy, we must scrub shower tiles, stall, tub, tub surroundings, toilets, and sinks. We can discount $ your price if you do not use all rooms and bathrooms every time (it may not be a large amount of $ but it always makes a difference)

Our checklists helps limit possible mistakes, if there is anything not listed we will do our best clean it or if there is anything specific you want cleaned, let us know beforehand!